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Gifts baskets are the perfect gift for the holidays!

Gifts baskets are the perfect gift for the holidays!

With the holidays rolling in and people scrambling to find Christmas gifts, gift baskets are a fun and creative way to give your loved ones something truly original and personalized. Choosing that perfect Christmas present isn’t easy, so why have to choose one when you can have many. During the holiday season gift baskets are the go-to-gifts, as they are so easy to put together and the possibilities of how you decide to fill the basket are endless. 

Firstly you will need,

  • A sturdy basket -The size will depend on your theme, and the quantity and types of items you intend to include in the basket .

  • A pair of scissors

  • A long ribbon to tie around, to the top of your baskets

  • Sheets of tissue paper

  • Secure items in place with Super High Tack Glue dots which provide a fast, clean and instant bond.


How to make a custom gift basket

  1. Select a theme, and shop for items related to your theme.

  2. Make sure to keep a basket, a pair of scissors, ribbon, tissue paper and glue dots ready

  3. Place a layer of tissue paper at the bottom of your gift basket to prop up items.

  4. Start by placing one of your sturdiest items in the centre.

  5. Add larger and taller items behind the centre item.

  6. Add smaller items towards the front.

  7. Fill any remaining gaps with tissue paper

  8. Make sure, as you add items, labels are facing forward and no price tags are visible. 

  9. Secure items in place using glue dots so items look beautiful and perfectly positioned. 

  10. Step back and rearrange a little if needed.

  11. Place the basket in cellophane, and seal it on top with a ribbon to finish. Happy gifting!

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