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Packaging and shipping made simple!

Packaging and shipping made simple!

Shipping out parcels sometimes feels like a struggle as you needs boxes, bubble mailers, packaging tape, filler, cutting knife ship things out.


3M has made packaging and shipping simple with 3M Scotch Flex and Seal Shipping Rolls. This roll can look after all your packaging needs. It is extremely easy to use. All you need is the 3M Scotch Flex and Seal Shipping Roll and a pair of scissors.  Simply cut an adequate piece of the roll to cover your item. Place your item on the inner side. Fold over the item. Press firmly around the edges of your item to seal the inside (gray to gray). Attach your shipping label and your done. An interesting feature about this roll is that it sticks to itself, but it doesn't stick to your item.

The  3m flex and seal shipping roll, is a huge saver of both time and effort. Instead of spending time worrying about the packaging, you can channel your time and effort into buying awesome gifts.

I  know many online sellers will be really excited to use this roll. We all know how stressful it is to ship out items day in day out, so with the scotch flex and seal shipping roll, this saves time and lets you focus on the important things like growing your business. 


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