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by Xyron
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Xyron 9" Two-Sided Lamination Refill
This two-sided lamination cartridge is 40' long and fits into the Xyron® 900 and Xyron 9 inch creative station. Permanently laminates items front and back. Adds durability and protection to certificates, awards, artwork and more.

For use with Xyron 900 machine, Xyron 9" Creative Station.

Instant document protection which is ideal for:
- Reports         - Charts
- Schedules      - Crafts
- Sales tags      - Maps
- Banners         - Mock-ups
- Menus           - Layouts
- Signs             - Posters   

- Preserve awards, artwork, recipes, and more
- Create signs
- Print or cut out and preserve images and ideas for learning materials. 
- Creative unique bookmarks and luggage tags.
- Laminate flash cards for classroom use. Thinner laminate means edges are not sharp, so it is safe to use in the classroom.

To eliminate wrinkles in the laminate, run a piece of corrugated cardboard (approximately 4-inches square) or a strip of paper with multiple folds through the machine. This will force the rollers to separate and allow the laminate to pull itself back into alignment. It is not necessary to leave a border around laminated items when cutting them out (as in the case of heat laminators). Even cutting through the laminated item will not cause the laminate to separate.