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Webril Litho Pad, 4" x 8", 100 sheets/box

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Webril Litho Pad, 4 x 8, 100/bx

These 4" x 8" pads on a perforated roll provide a smaller alternative to Webril Wipe. Convenient dispenser box allows for dust resistant storage. Soft, Lintless, Absorbent, & Strong. 

Why Webril Pads are good for your shop?
1. Multipurpose - a pad for every job application
2. Convenient storage - box dispensers save space, keeps pads within arms reach and helps resist dust
3. No chemicals or binders - will not react or contaminate developing solutions or chemicals
4. Strong and Absorbent - Soft, 100% pure cotton fibers will not come apart even when soaked in water or solvents
5. Gentle on Equipment - Non-scratch material is safe for even the most delicate coatings and surfaces.