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Webril Handi-Pads 562211 4 in x 4 in, 100 Pads/package, 20 Pks/Case - Sold as a case

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Webril Handi-Pads 4 x 4 100 Pads/Package, 20 Pks/Case - SKU# 562211 Sold by the case.
Webril Handi-Pads 4x4 100% cotton pads are the standard of the industry. Ideal for use on plates and films and wherever an applicator pad is needed. These are very soft, lintless pads that will not scratch and will not come apart even when soaked in water or solvents. 1

Great for small press, platemaking operations, camera work, stripping, and cleaning. Convenient size and economical. They have all the properties WEBRIL material is known for in a size convenient for many small press and plate making operations. Also great in the camera room and stripping areas. 100 Pads per package. 20 Packages per case. Sold by the case. Great value!! 

Old SKU#: 53414

Why Webril Pads are good for your shop?
1. Multipurpose - a pad for every job application
2. Convenient storage - box dispensers save space, keeps pads within arms reach and helps resist dust
3. No chemicals or binders - will not react or contaminate developing solutions or chemicals
4. Strong and Absorbent - Soft, 100% pure cotton fibers will not come apart even when soaked in water or solvents
5. Gentle on Equipment - Non-scratch material is safe for even the most delicate coatings and surfaces.

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