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Tesa 4287 Tear-Proof Strapping Tape 48mm x 55M - Orange

by Tesa
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Tesa 4287 Tear-Proof Strapping Tape 48mm x 55M - Part #4287.

This TESA 2 inch NOPI tensilized Polypropylene strapping tape is ideal for unitizing loads for inter-plant transport. Unitize unstable or light loads by simply wrapping a strip of tape around the pallet and affixing it to the backside of the tape. The tensilized tape has a low elongation to hold the pallet tightly together and will not stick to the product being wrapped. Each roll measures 48mm x 55m

This tape was designed to be stain resistant and can be removed without leaving residue. This ultra thin high performance removable tape provides industrial strength for more than packaging and bundling applications.  Often referred to as Appliance Tape, used for closing, holding and securing appliances, as well as, computers, furniture and office equipment during shipment.


Key uses:

  • Palletizing
  • Belting of electronic components
  • Bundling of shipping cartons
  • Bundling and reinforcing pipes
  • Holding and securing drawers, handles, doors and other appliance components during shipment
  • End tabbing
  • MOPP Polypropylene Backing
  • Tensilized to 102.8 lbs/in
  • Good long-term holding power
  • No discoloration or staining
  • Heat and cold resistant
  • High resiliency
  • Residue free removal from most surfaces
  • 3” core