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Rubbermaid Executive Janitorial Cleaning Cart - High Capacity

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Rubbermaid 1861429 Executive Janitorial Cleaning Cart - High Capacity

  • 40% more storage space than traditional carts minimizes trips for additional supplies and maximizes staff productivity.
  • Compact size  fits great in space-constrained areas
  • Durable 8" Ball Bearing Wheel and quiet 4" casters makes manuverablity easy and quiet for workers.
  • Expansive storage space removable bins and caddies let staff restock before they clean, increasing productivity by eliminating search time for additional supplies. Add additional bins, caddies, and pails (FG9T8400BLA, FG9T8200BLA, 1857378, and 1857391).
  • Flexible and configurable to fit your ever-changing cleaning needs.
  • Interchangeable handles and removable platform allow user to easily expand or reduce the footprint of the cart to meet specific cleaning and storage needs.
  • Mop bucket platform with securing grooves keeps WaveBrake® or microfiber charging buckets securely attached to cart.
  • Rubber tool grips and hooks securely hold up to 5 stick goods, while hooks hold up to 4 safety signs.
  • with a high capacity-to-footprint ratio, only 22" wide.
  • Dimensions: 38-1/2" L x 22-1/2"W  x 20-1/2"H