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Rubbermaid 9T78 Housekeeping Cart with Locking Hood, Cabinet door, and other Accessories

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Rubbermaid Housekeeping Cart - 9T78 - shown with locking hood and cabinet door and other accessories.

- Attractive and Functional Styling -curved lines and sleek design are suitable for any upscale environment.
-Increased capacity in a smaller footprint.
-Dual access hood and door keep cleaning supplies concealed from view. lock provide security for unattended carts.
-Lobby Dusty Pan & Vacuum Holder
-Comfort grip cart handle makes cart more maneuverable and comfortable.
-Fabric 9-Pocket Organizer keeps cleaning tools and supplies within easy reach.
-Fabric Mesh Linen Bag holds up to 22 standard size towels.

Dimensions: 51-1/4" L x 22" W x 53-1/2"H
Colour: Black
-1 Ea. Compact Fabric Repalcement Bags
-1 Ea Fabric Mesh Linen Bag
-2 Ea. 10 Quart Dinsinfecting Caddies
-1 Ea. Locking Cabinet Door Kit
-1 Ea. Locking Security Hood
-1 Ea. 9-Pocket Fabric Organizer

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