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Olfa AK-5 Designer's Art Knife with 30 Blades

by Olfa
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Olfa 1118073 AK-5 Designer Art Knife w/30 blades
  • Olfa AK-5 Designer's Art Knife with Spatula Edge
  • Includes (30) OLFA KB-5 blades and (1) needle
  • The AK-5 designer's knife is intended to be held and used like a pen
  • Perfect for cutting designs into paper and card as it is being used to score or engrave hard plastics
  • The spatula edge at the back of the handle can be used to spread adhesives evenly onto paper or to mould clay
  • Supplied with a storage case which has a compartment for fresh and worn blades. This case also acts as a desk stand and blade cove
  • To change the blade, simply unscrew the knurled brass section, insert a fresh blade and tighten the section again
  • Made of high-quality Japanese grade carbon tool steel and designed for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention
  • Ideal for designers, hobbyists, craftsmen. Besides, dental technicians choose the AK-5 for making up dentune molds.
  • Replacement blades: KB-5/30B

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
grady sindlinger
love = affordable + quality design + actually works really well

the title says it all friends i also ordered the olfa circle cutter and the title of this review applies there totally as well i have been going nuts ie creative production increased significantly because of these fine tools

Lyn Flitton

Handy knife for artwork,gets into small spaces.


Another quality Olfa knife and blade design. Minimal size in blade creates a more maneuverable profile. But the small size and shape of the blade is also more rugged and keeps its sharp point more easily than the standard Number 11 blade. Unlike this design, they have particular tiny point and ole number 11 point is broken off far too quickly and far too easily. But These Olfa blades last so much longer. The Olfa also comes with a hard needle type point that can be used instead of the blade. It would have a variety of uses. The knife feels very nice in your hand and that design quality and balance feels pretty obvious. I like the blade hold point. It’s very solid and functions very reliably. And like many other Olfa KB knives, it is easy to get a blade in and out without ever going in with your fingers to try to dig your old blade because those knives lock up. Which often gets a little bloody. That is a reoccurring event in the usual Number 11 knife blade housing. This is just a much nicer all around Precision Craft/Art Knife. If you’ve never used the Olfa single blade AK or KB knives you will be surprised that it immediately improves your work’s quality. Many of my students bring that up within their first experience using them. It’s almost something I wait for them to say as they begin using it. Awesome.