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Metro Super Erecta Chrome Wire Shelving Unit - 4 shelves - 18" x 36" x 74"H

by Metro
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Metro Super Erecta Chrome Shelving Unit - 4 shelves - 18" x 36" with 74" posts. 

Create a sturdy and spacious shelving system that instantly increases your facility's storage capabilities with the Metro Super Erecta chrome wire stationary starter shelving unit! This convenient, easy-to-assemble kit includes a total of four 36" x 18" shelves and four 74" SiteSelect posts. A durable chrome-plated nickel finish is designed for dry environments that are also low in humidity, making the unit perfect for storing bulk food ingredients, heavy prep tools, disposable goods, and more. In addition, an open wire design minimizes dust accumulation and provides increased visibility of the shelf's contents, ensuring the unit is easy to keep clean and organized. 

Each of the four posts come fitted with an adjustable leveling bolt so that users can easily compensate for uneven surfaces. Crystal clear engravings also make installing a full shelving unit easier than ever, as they are grooved at 1" increments and double grooved every 8" to provide a visual guide for effortless positioning of the shelves. Plus, tapered split sleeves are included for secure, positive locks. Each of these features combines to ensure complete installation of the unit in just a few minutes without the use of any special tools. 

All four shelves feature integrated ribs that run from the front to the back for effortless sliding of items both on and off of the rack. Each shelf boasts a 600 lb. weight capacity, while the entire unit can accommodate up to 2000 lb. of evenly distributed contents.