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Metro Direct Wall Mount Shelf - 14" x 24"

by Metro
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Metro Direct Wall Mount Shelf 14" x 24" 

Direct wall mounts eliminate the need for a post; the shelf support is held by a mounting plate attached directly to the wall. This design also conserves space, as it allows the shelf and shelf support to  clo ser to the wall. Each direct wall mount  unit consists of shelf support, brackets, and metal endcaps. Single supports at shelf ends and double shelf supports are used when joining shelves end to end. Direct wall mounts are available in chrome-plated or stainless steel finish. Direct wall systems have a maximum load rating of 91kg (200lbs.).
This Direct Wall Mount shelf comes complete with all needed components - shelf supports and shelf  - except wall bolts or screws, which must be selected according to type of wall*. Shelf supports are chrome-plated. One wire shelves - 14" x 24" - is included.