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3M SJ3560 Dual Lock Recloseable Fastener (250/250) - Clear - 1"x10ft

by 3M
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3M SJ3560  Dual Lock Recloseable Fastener (250/250)  - Clear - 1"x10 feet (or 120 inches) 
Your largest and most economical source for Dual Lock!

For indoor and outdoor use. High temperature performance, temperature resistance to 220 degrees F. For use with metals (aluminum, stainless steel), glass, and high surface energy plastics (acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS). Good for rigid applications where you need positive engagement and long durability. Compared to hook and loop, 3M SJ3560's tensile strength is greater with 5x more holding power than normal velcro. When the two sides are pressed together firmly, you will hear a "SNAP" to tell you that the fastener is engaged. 3M Dual Lock recloseable fasteners provide greater possibilities in product design and assembly. 

- Attach doors,Access panels, Signs, Cushions, Headliners & Display components.
- Mount 407 Transponders and EZPass to a windshield
- Use anywhere where screw and nail may damage the surface.
- Use to hold remote battery op LED lighting sensor
- Used on backyard tarps 

Contains: 1 strip of 10 feet ( 120 inches) of Dual Lock