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3M Scotch-Weld Instant Adhesive CA-40, 1 LB, 453 g bottle

by 3M
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3M Scotch-Weld Instant Adhesive CA-40, 1 lb, 453 g bottle
3M(TM) Scotch-Weld(TM) Instant Adhesive CA40 is a low viscosity, very fast-setting instant adhesive for rubbers and elastomers. It has good adhesion to most cured rubbers, aluminum, flexible vinyl and plastics. It is economical to use as it requires only drops of adhesive to many metals, plastics, and rubbers.

• Cyanoacrylate adhesive for gaskets and quick repairs
• Quickly bond most rubber, including difficult-to-bond EPDM
• Fast set increases productivity

Use it bond EPDM to aluminum disk. CA-40 also bonds EPDM to other bare or painted metal with strength greater than the EPDM. This means that with enough peel stress at the edge of the bond, the EPDM itself will tear apart.