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3M 3731Q Scotch Weld Hot Adhesive Sticks 5/8"x 8" - 11 LB/Case, Sold as a case

by 3M
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3M Scotch Weld (Jet Melt) Hot Adhesive 3731Q Sticks 5/8"x 8" - 11 LB/Case, Sold as a case

3M 3731 glue sticks offer great heat resistance (around 265 degrees F) and bond well to a wide range of substrates, including Polyethylene and polypropylene. The 3M 3731 comes in a wide range of 3M glue stick sizes and is dispensed using a high temperature glue gun. The 3M 3731 glue sticks come in the 5/8" X 8" 'Q' size and are dispensed with a standard temperature 3M glue gun. The 3731 hot melt offers very good heat resistance and provides an aggressive bond making it suitable for adhering many types of plastic and even metal or glass. Great for plastic bonding.

- Works with 3M TC w/Quadrack and EC applicators
- Open Time: 30 Seconds
- Color: Tan
- Heat Resistance: 265F
- Bonds to: Plastics, Wood, Glass, Metal
- 3M UPC #: 00021200452710
- 3M ID#: 62373191329