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3M 8088 Red Construction Sheathing Tape 60mm x 66M

by 3M
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3M 8088 Red Construction Sheathing Tape (Red Tuck Tape) 2 1/2" x 66m

3M Construction Red Sheathing tape 8088 is an excellent (printed) sheathing tape designed for use as a closure system and vapour seal on all interior and exterior sheathing materials. CCMC approved 11362R. 

Features of Red Sheathing tape - High performance sheathing tape installs and performs well over a broad temperature range.

- Excellent vapor barrier tape on polyethylene film.
- Performs well as a seam tape on extruded foam products such as Styrofoam and Foamular.
- Great for Tyvek and Typar and all major housewraps
- Great for use a sealing tape on DensGlass Gold and other sheathing brands.
- Listed and approved by the Canadian Construction Material Centre.

Size: 60mm x 66M  
Part number: 8088