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3M Hot Melt Adhesive 3792 Q 5/8" x 8", 11LB/Case, 165 Sticks/case

by 3M
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3M hotmelt adhesive 3792 Q 

3M 3792Q Scotch Weld Hot Melt Adhesive 5/8" x 8" is a clear, general purpose Hot Melt Adhesive for wood, fabric and upholstery. It features a long bonding range, good heat resistance, and good adhesive for many plastics and wood. Cools, hardens, and reaches bond strength in seconds. Bonds wood, P.O.P displays, corrugated, furniture, audio components, cabinets, store displays, trophies, upholstery, novelties, and other lightweight materials. Same as 3M Jet Melt Adhesive 3792. Use with 3M Polygun TC w/Quadrack Converter. 

Applications for 3M hotmelt adhesive 3792 Q 

- Wood to wood assembly of non structural components in home, office furniture and cabinetry
- Bond fabric to wood for welting and gimping
- Attach upholstery to wood and plastic
- Assemble decorative crown mouldings
- Bond counter top reinforcement blocks
- Assemble decorative moulding, drawer front, and decorative trim
- Stiffen and reinforce drawer bottoms and bond guides

3M ID:  62379291321    
UPC#  00021200652639