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3M Hi-Tack 76 Spray

by 3M
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3M Hi-Tack 76 Spray Adhesive - 515g 

-Cleanest, most versatile adhesive available.
-High-tack with strength build up.
-Effectively bonds most materials, even polyethylene and polypropylene.
-Sprays directly on area covered, no misting or overspray.
-New adjustable spray tip lets you vary spray width and delivery rate.
-Makes strong, one-surface bonds.
-Resistant to high temperatures.
-Multi-purpose - bonds fabric, paper, burlap, foil, rubber, many plastics, etc..

-Bonds fabrics and felts in industrial manufacturing
-Bonds fabrics for pool tables
-Bonds pipe insulation wrap
- Attach fabric to pottery base
-Bonds fabrics for some vehicle "headliner" applications (not recommended for vinyl headliners)