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3M 72 Blue Pressure Sensitive Spray Adhesive 24 oz.

by 3M
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3M 72 blue spray adhesive with a 7 day cure time. Very tacky, pressure-sensitive adhesive, Sprays out a blue tint that helps you see where and how much adhesive is applied to a surface. Aggressive, yet repositionable adhesive. It can handle irregular or nonlinear applications.

Perfect for automotive, bonding, construction, foam, gripping, hanging and tacking applications. 

Applications Ideas:
- Bond Carpet to wood
- Repair Jute-backed carpet
- Polyethylene film bonding
- Polyethylene foam bonding
- Temporary positioning/holding fabric or paper
- Bond swimming pool liners above water
- Attach inner packaging in packages
- Seal polyethylene under concrete
- Pipe insulation lap adhesive