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3M 4000 UV Marine Fast Cure Sealant - White, 0.1 gal cartridge

by 3M
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3M 4000 UV Marine Fast Cure Sealant - White - 10oz Cartridge

3M 4000 UV is a fast cure medium strength sealant used to bond and seal metal, gelcoat, fiberglass, metal, wood, and most  plastics. Resistant to weathering, saltwater and stresses caused by joint movement.  A one-part polyether adhesive sealant with excellent UV resistance, 4000 cures to a firm, rubbery, watertight seal. This sealant is ideal for bonding deck hardware, hatches, portholes, railings, and navigation lights.

White, non yellowing formula is suitable for use both above and below the waterline where aesthetic appeal is a priority. 4000 Fast Cure is sometimes more appropriate than 3M 5200 polyurethane for parts that may never need removal or replacement. Available in White or Black in various sizes. It is also paintable. Highly recommended for ABS, Lexan™ and other plastics.

- Sealing deck-to-hull joints
- Thru-hull fittings
- Window and door

- One part polyether adhesive/sealant
- Superior UV resistance
- Exceptional sealing properties with Fiberglass, Deck Hardware, and Hatches. Recommended for ABS, Lexan, and other plastics
- Fast Curing
- Paintable
- Non-cracking
- Easy Clean-up
- Becomes tack free in 2 hours and cures in 24 hours
- Does not resist chemicals- for chemical resistance try 3M Marine Sealant 101
- Clean Up: Mineral spirits or kerosene
Removal: Mechanical removal