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3M 3015NP Air & Vapour Membrane 9 inch x 75 ft

by 3M
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3M 3015NP Air & Vapour Membrane 6 inch x 75ft 

3M's new 3015NP is an improved formulation of 3M 3015.  
It reduces air leakage and uncontrolled airflow from the building envelope, prevents moisture ingress and helps improve indoor air quality. It does not require the use of a primer on most construction surfaces.

Why Choose 3M 3015NP Air & Vapour Membrane
  • High-tack acrylic adhesive for excellent compatibility with most sealants and building materials
  • No primer needed – installs up to 40% faster* compared to traditional barriers that require a primer
  • Apply at surface temperatures from 0°F (-18°C) up to 150°F (66°C) for increased production
  • Impermeable to air, moisture, vapour, and water
  • Multi-layer elastomeric film self-seals around screws, nails, and staples
  • Slightly translucent film helps provide a clean look while minimizing the risk of missing the stud
  • Features measurement markings at 6-inch (15.24 cm) grid intersections for ease in alignment and cutting
  • Lighter weight than competitive products for easier handling
  • ABAA evaluated

3M™ Air Barrier Systems Provide Energy Savings
Independent studies have demonstrated that an airtight, building envelope system—when properly installed by 3M certified contractors—can decrease building air leaks. Heating and cooling loads can be reduced, allowing for smaller HVAC equipment. Energy operating costs can decrease by as much as 40%. The risk of mold and mildew can also decrease. Indoor air quality can improve and life cycle costs can be reduced.