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Fabric masks are easy to make with Olfa rotary cutters

Fabric masks are easy to make with Olfa rotary cutters

Throughout this pandemic, doctors have told us over and over that wearing a mask can save ourselves and others. Seeing cases rise and seeing how stubborn COVID-19, we see ourselves in another lockdown.

I found it useful to make our very own facial masks. I was pleased to make something on my own that kept me both safe and also helped me to pass the time. I chose fabrics that i liked and that i thought made me look more fashionable and cool. 

Scissors did not cut it for me when it came to cutting fabric. It was difficult to handle and my hands were becoming numb. My friends suggested using a olfa rotary cutter and gave me one to borrow. I used it and it easily cut through the fabric. These were way better than those pairs of scissors. I was having fun using them and it definitely cuts fabric much more quickly and precisely.

I marked the fabric where I was trying to cut and I rolled the blade straight on the line. This was way better than trying to pick up the fabric and cut it with a scissor. Exact cuts made my work look more professional. Best of all, the Olfa rotary cutter cuts many layers of fabric at once. 

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